An Emphatic Presence in Fashion Design

Every journey has a destination and a story. We too have one that involves an innovative and influential way to offer fashion to the world. Our transformation from Mellissa Style Haute Couture House to Volcano was indeed an exciting and interesting one. We have started our journey from Beirut in the year 1999 under the name of Melissa Style Haute Couture House.   

During our course of the journey, we have participated in innumerable fashion shows to establish ourselves among the fashionistas of the world. Our journey leads to our expansion in the different parts of the Middle-East which we cherish the most.   

Volcano Couture is our haute couture label that we have established in 2019 aiming to serve the elites and crème-de-la-crème of the society. Under the vision and supervision of our eminent fashion designer (s) we are constantly focusing ourselves to redefine luxury couture designs that are tuned to high-quality and elaborate detailing. 

We are a brand that is always looking to reinvent itself to offer a wide range of collections to fashionistas around the world. 

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